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Assalamualaikum & hello bonjour 
 I feel so happy right now because it's weekend. Ulang sekali lagi WEEKEND! So, aku boleh online facebook, twittering and of course blogging. Chill beybehh, Are you jelly? I'm human. Lolol, other reason is I can sleep comfortable without any disturbing. //How happy\\
 I met a new friend, secret lol. She so damn awesome. I'm glad to know her. She famous but I friend with her not because she famous but because she treat me so nicely and so friendly. Dia tk sombong mcm org lain, dia blogger juga. Kenal dia via Facebook. Hewhew, Happy Weekend! Assalamualaikum 
 P/s: Berkawan biar seribu, Kawan sejati sukar dicari 

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2 : Jgn guna bahasa kasar :)

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